sygnet STEP ONE

Driver application

In the first step devices with with driver application will be installed on every vehicle of company fleet.

In this way driver will be continuously connected to the central and vehicle will send required data like current position, alerts, trip updates.


sygnet STEP TWO

Real-time schedules | Integration

Integration In the second step our company, base on your current static timetables will prepare smart schedules and put them to our platform.
If your company already is using some software to maintain static schedules we will do the integration of the both systems.



Ready to work

Now we are ready to start launch process in which we test if everything works correctly and after that GO LIVE!



Take benefits and strength from smartphones world.

Are your company use static schedules ?
Do you want to better react on unexpected situations on the road: delays, accidents, cancels, trip updates… ?

Our system gives transport companies the freedom to quickly deliver schedules, routes, real time vehicle positions, delays, alerts, trip updates in the internationally recognized standard at a reasonable price by using the cloud and quality software. It enables Google, Yahoo and App providers to easily include data in their maps and travel planning programs. Passengers will be informed about dynamic changes which help them to rich their destination as quickly as possible and they never miss a transport.



Increased service quality

passengers get schedules and real time information which increase reliance and service usage


Marketing boost

more smart, more mobile, more eco … many other key factors that will boost your marketing and company position

Cost reduction

less telephone queries, service team time savings, reduced need for paper schedules, no need to create and maintain company specific systems and apps


3th party apps – schedules and route information can be used by 3rd party applications like google maps, yahoo, transit app

Improved online

passengers have easy access
for all important information

Eco city

more people use public transport means: less traffic, reduced CO2

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