A new generation of public transport services in your city.

The Integrated Passenger Information System is available to all travellers via Google Maps.

Benefits for city

What will your city gain thanks to Smart Schedules?

An increase in revenues from sold tickets

Lowering the cost of passenger services

No expense for building and maintaining a dedicated application

The image of a modern city according to the "smart city" concept

Integrated Passenger Information System

Satisfaction and recommendations of residents and tourists

Benefits for passengers


How will Smart Schedules improve passengers' lives?

No need to install additional applications; the ability to use universal in Google Map

Greater motivation and confidence to use public transport

Easy access to information about connections in real time

More access to the destination by combining all possible means of transport

Why with us?

Why Smart Schedules?

Smart Schedules is a quiet revolution in your city. We change the face of public transport to give passengers instant access to information about the actual time of arrival of public transport.

We rely on the fastest-growing navigation application in the world: Google Maps. Thanks to this, we create a complete passenger information system in which users easily plan their journeys with accuracy down to one minute in the best possible way.

Why is it worth relying on us?

We provide the most accurate arrival times based on GPS data, road traffic and historical information.

We are always up to date with new features from Google

Outsourcing is cheaper than employing a worker with skills.

Google will not start in auctions and do not personalize contracts with the city.

Google will not take care to update timetables, but we will!


Smart Schedules is a subscription service.

Smart Schedules is a subscription service. The price depends on the routes and trips number, and is calculated per month or year. Additional functions and retrofitting of vehicles are treated as additional services and charged separately.

Perform a quiet revolution and improve transport in your city. We will take care of the rest: we put the system in motion, update the data and take care of the logistics of the entire project.

Make an appointment with us and find out how, thanks to Smart Schedules, you can develop public communication in your city.

Send us information about your fleet now using the contact form. Within 24 hours we will send you a quote to the specified email address. Then you will make a decision.