Our mission

Passengers make a choice every day: car or collective transport? Lack of information, breakdowns, crowded vehicles and the risk of travel delay effectively discourage the use of public transport. What does the passenger feel about traveling by communication? Anxiety? So he will choose a car. Would you like to change that?

The future of transport is information from various means of public conveyance available to each passenger in real time using Google Maps. This is a new quality of movement: faster, cheaper and with instant access to information. Passengers and tourists know and use Google Maps. Be where they are without changing their habits.


Smart Schedule team:

Łukasz Ciechanowski


Rafał Stobiecki


Krzysztof Nowicki


Piotr Stolarski

Software Engineer

Would you like to convince passengers to use public transport and increase ticket sales?

Join hundreds of cities and thousands of private transporters who have learned the solution by which passengers swapped their cars for public transport. Would you like to learn how?